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SmartRace for Carrera Digital

6.24 usd

SmartRace is an alternative to Carrera Race App for your Carrera digital race track and is connected to the AppConnect-Adapter of your Carrera track (1:32/1:24) via Bluetooth. SmartRace offers following features:- Speech output with mentioning of the driver's name on fastest lap, lap record, low fuel, last lap/minute, etc. (configurable)- Race mode (based on time or laps)/ qualifying mode (based on time)/ free practice- Configuration of speed, brake force and fuel tank size- Timing data with total best time, personal best time, gap to leaders, etc- Driver database with image- Car database with image and car data such as scale, manufacturer, tyres, etc.- Track database with image, selection of active tracks and track records- Configurable controller colors for display on time table- Time tracking for ghost car- Several sounds (ambient sound, fastest lap, track record, event end,can be enabled/disabled separately)- Share your race or qualifying results via Facebook, Twitter as email or save as an image- Many more settings!
Right now, SmartRace provides the following language options:
- German- English- Dutch- Italian- Spanish
More features to come! Check for more information
You have already downloaded SmartRace and something is not working as expected? Please file a bug report on - Thank you for your cooperation!